You know, people often keep private or hidden from people’s eyes the things that are special or matter the most to them. Like, let’s say, a pearl in an oyster. I mean, how often do you see an oyster flailing about in flares, showing off? A pearl is kept well hidden.

For a while, we became our little secret– just you and me. It’s almost as if we are just reluctant to share each other,

to anybody, anything.

We became each other’s obsession, sweet possession,

in a way we just want to enjoy ourselves

for ourselves

to ourselves.

So we kept us hidden– just you and me,

the two of us.

And you, my dear, become this sweet little secret I carry with me everyday.

“It’s not us against the world, you know,” I said, “I’m beyond the point of caring what the world has to say anyway.

This– me– just wants to be with you.”



Borrowed words, lifelong tales,

lost times, (un)kept memories.

A touch of poetry and just the right amount of reality.

All brimming to a full

expressing what’s on the inside

to the outside

before out they splutter onto paper

in pieces after pieces.

Time Bomb

I hate the fact

that even my heart knows,

no matter how hard I try to lie,

that this,


is a ticking time bomb.

“Hey,” you called as I gazed, long and far, at the sunset.

I turned, my chain of thoughts interrupted.

You smiled, that smile, and in that moment I could feel it coming –

You will be both

the worst

and in itself perhaps the best


my heart will have to weather

soon enough.


Between us, not a word spoken.

Words turn frail and logics fail.

But even buried under the mounts of

unspoken words and silent screams,

the heart knows what it knows.

I will always gravitate to where you are,

like a compass always finding north,

like two magnets of opposite ends,

or like two ships joined together by a single mooring –

unbreakable, inseparable,

far from dismissive.

I will always find you,

and you, me;

and I, us;

even without anything

either said, spoken, or written,

even if it is in the darkest of all abyss

and the vastness of the lost sea.


we’re found,

and in each other

we will always be.