Some Pointers

  • Find the good in every day, in every situation, and in every person.
  • Never discriminate when it comes to love, and smiles. Smile a lot.
  • It is okay to be dumb once in a while.
  • It is okay to not know everything.
  • It is okay to not have everything figured out.
  • It is okay to cry once in a while a lot, with or even without reasons. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • You are allowed to work like a machine. You are also allowed to have a break and be a couch potato all day week long.
  • You are allowed to overuse “I love you”s.
  • You are allowed to be clingy and needy once in a while. Allow yourself to be loved.
  • Allow yourself to feel loved.
  • People will always talk, and will always have something to talk about. Let them talk. Ignore.
  • Take life at your own speed, at your own pace. Run your own race. Do not compare.
  • Any day is a good day to make a (new) start.
  • You are allowed to have a writer’s block. You are also allowed to not feel like writing. Those do not make you any less of a writer.
  • You are also allowed to pick watching TV over reading a book. That does not make you any less of a reader.
  • One bad performance does not make you a bad singer.
  • After a performance, do not fixate too much on a mistake (or mistakes). Chances are nobody might even notice.
  • No matter how hard life gets, life will always throw emergency kits in times and places that you least expect it. Always be open to hope.
  • Life throws the best surprises. (But also sometimes, the worst.)
  • “The good outweighs the bad even on your worst day.”
  • No dream is ever a low dream.
  • When your best friend tells you that you are a drama queen, she usually has a point.
  • Life is nothing, nothing but good.

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