When It’s Dark

I understand, you know, the feeling;

Like walking under a grey cloud day by day, having to put on a smile as though everything is okay.

When in truth everything seems like going astray; you slowly by slowly start to lose your way.

The thoughts that start shooting like endless darts, breaking you into parts;

The thoughts that you can’t keep aside, that urge and beg to reside.

All of a sudden your world breaks apart,

while images of red ribbons

wrapped around your wrist

looked like art,

or free-falling nudges for a start.

Hang on, it gets deeper – when you didn’t even think it’d get steeper.

How to break free from these grips

while yearning for a little glimpse of light in drips by drips.


**If you know someone who might be suffering from prolonged depression, in any shape or form, even in the tiniest of possibility, reach out and help them– by asking how they are and/or by telling them that they are not alone. Things will get better. Everything will be okay. Depression is one silent killer that should not be taken lightly. Help me help you and help them; help me help depression.


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