Why do we keep falling into the same hole?

His hand automatically searches for hers, like a soul desperate of another.

Amidst the busy city, they are nothing but two fragments of time, only stilled in the space we call as now.

They tiptoe in a place where no blacks and whites exist, edging on the shadows of right and wrong. Those shadows have become their stage and truth.

And that’s about that.

They find solace in a space where nothing and nobody exist, hiding behind unsuspecting eyes;

Euphoric in the thrill of the unknown amongst the unbeknownst;

Intertwined behind the unclarity, and basking in the clarity.

But that’s about that.

They hold no tomorrow, and that’s okay(?);

After all, they are only the children of “just today”.

That’s all they are, and really, that’s all there is.

They are nothing but two fragments of this diffused reality,

Living just for today, just for the now.

Two souls on the brim of insanity, on the binge of moral enigma,

On the fringe of mad infatuation and insane greed.

He smiles through that crooked smile, sending shivers down her spine and butterflies– oh the butterflies— down her stomach.

No, he won’t let her go, he said. And that he won’t –

At least not until the light breaks, and there are no more shadows to cover them.


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