What’s The Body With You?

Like a million others in this day and age, I struggled with body image. In this era where beauty seems to depend heavily on slim waistlines and defined jawlines, the idea of body image has managed to become a demon that cripples and haunts almost everyone irregardless of their gender or age.

Not too long ago, I used to look in the mirror and what I saw was a mere chubby, fat girl staring back at me. Her thighs desperately needed some shedding off, her face was way too round, and don’t even get me started on those hips. I could not believe that the image reflected back at me could manage to make me cringe in disgust and loathe.

What more I couldn’t believe was how much self-loathe I had for myself.

And to think that many others, like me, wake up in the morning and are able to actually be completely disgusted with what they see in the mirror, completely shatters me.

It hits me deep. 

I can understand when one’s health is compromised due to being too much over their ideal weight and from poor lifestyle, but mostly, these people that cringes and shudders at their own self image looks perfectly fine. The self-loathe comes as a product of their own perfectionistic view that could easily be constructed by society’s ridiculous ideal definition of beauty, or its implicit doctrine of having to look and be a certain way in order to be praised and accepted.

This whole concept of beauty standards is ridiculous and has ruined so many people’s lives. Hatred is a strong sentiment, and to actually be able to use such a sentiment towards oneself is an image that breaks my heart a thousand times.

One’s beauty should not be defined by the size of their waistlines.

After a gruel fight with the societal pressure, I took one small step forward and try my hardest to change how I look at myself. I looked into the mirror and started learning to see myself from a different light; A nice perfectly-sighted eyes, two pairs of limbs, one nose that smells just fine, one mouth that curves into a smile, and that pair of ears that could sport my mom’s beautiful hand-me-down earrings.

For once in my life, I smiled at that image in the mirror and she smiled back at me. Then and there, I felt beautiful.

And, mind you, I am.

It is easy to find faults in everything. ‘Cause the truth is, nothing is perfect. But, there is always something perfect even in the most imperfect thing itself. And yourself is no exception.

Pear, apple, or hour-glass, you are beautiful. Practice looking at yourself in the mirror everyday and say this mantra: “I am beautiful,” in spite of what your brain is tricking you to believe. You won’t believe what those words can do and how powerful just the embodiment of those words can be.

Temptations will come, like maybe stumbling upon another person and thinking you want to look like them, but always remember that everyone is destined to run their own race, at their own pace, and at their own standard.

I am beautiful. I am beautiful. I am beautiful. Heck yeah, I am.

And you are too.


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