End Of An Era

A gazillion unpacked boxes, a half-empty wardrobe, and an almost-empty room later, I find myself panting for breath, in need of a break. Add in another thirty minutes, more unpacked boxes, a now empty wardrobe, and a plain room later, I find myself on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

It’s funny how you can just pack four years of your life into boxes, huh?

It’s not my turn yet to leave Melbourne, but it is Chelsea’s, making it both our turns to leave our beloved “509” – the apartment we have been living for the past four years. As Chelsea voyages back to Jakarta to start her new chapter of joining the “please hire me” fresh-graduate bandwagon, I have another six months left in Melbourne, finishing the last semester of my post-graduate degree. Six months, that right now, feels like an eternity. Six months, that right now, I wish to rush through.

No matter who you are, that transition between an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one is not easy. Now as I sit amongst the last four years of my life packed and fragmented into boxes after boxes, I find that sometimes clusters paints the most vivid memories.

Both Chelsea and I moved to Melbourne in 2011, just two girls from the metropolitan city eager for a shift in their stories. Before that, we have known each other from year four; well, pretty much we have known each other our entire lives. We have gone from boy stories and fling stories all the way to work challenges and family dramas. We have fought over things that matter to things that don’t matter. We call each other our respective ‘walking mirrors’ – basically, there is nothing that we don’t know from each other. Even the things that one of us hides, the other one just knows. We really are more sisters that we are best friends. The memories we share between us, well, no amount of bags will ever be enough to contain.

But amidst all the clusters, I also find the most sense, and oddly enough, the most peace. People undergo changes every day, some are just too small to be noticed. But we go through changes every day, no exception. Changes are a part of growth, something that propels us forward and upward, and something that opens new doors for us. That being said, as sad as this end of an era is, maybe it’s just something that needs to be undergone for the better.

Maybe the closing of the doors of “509” will open new doors. We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now, for this instance, let me bask in the recap of the last four years playing right before my eyes.

These boxes.


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